Get your special taste of Indonesian Coffee from us to your Special Events, Wedding Event, Meeting, and other gathering ...

Coffee Toffee hadir dengan membawa secangkir kopi terbaik Indonesia ke berbagai acaramu. Get our best price in your events. Pastikan tamu anda mendapatkan sajian kopi spesial dengan pilihan menu dari kami. We are ready to serve you better with best Indonesian coffee for your events

Menu Home Brewing Services :
-  Espresso
-  Hot Beverages (  Espresso, Capucinno, Cafe Mocha, Long Black Coffee, Cafe Latte etc )
-  Iced Menu ( Green Tea Blended Cream, Chocolate Grande, Iced Capucinno, Strowberry blended tea etc )

Term & Conditions :
-  Order has to be made 2 weeks befor the event
-  50% deposit should be paid 7 days prior the event and the balance should be settled during the event.
-  Minimum order 100  cup
-  Required Electricity 3000 watt
-  Required Space 3m x 4m and 2 long table


Jabodetabek Area

Endrik : 08118307518
Edo : 081321979665

Surabaya Area

Karlinda : 085746545406

Makassar Area

Ryan : 08194182034